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Sunrise Kennels is striving to Breed the Finest Bird Dogs & keep the Elhew English Pointer gene pool Thriving and Improving.

Elhew Pointers at Sunrise Kennels

Sunrise Kennels

Located in the Southeastern corner on Arizona’s open country.

Our Mission is to produce the highest quality Elhew English Pointers puppies for sale. With Intelligence, Desire, Style and Endurance, to perpetuate the Elhew English Pointer tradition. Whether your a personal interest is upland bird hunting over your dream dog, or Looking for the Field Trial Champion. We have produced and are striving to produce each litter of Puppies that we have For Sale just a little better than the last. Our Puppies make the finest Upland Bird Dogs. We have Stated and Finished Hunting Bird Dogs some times For Sale.

We have been very blessed to have and enjoy Elhew Champions: Champion Elhew Blue Chip who is out of Elhew Jefferson and Elhew BV. Runner Up (RU) Champion Sunrise Elhew Kody is out of Elhew Distinction and Elhew Sunrise Coco. Champion Sunrise Elhew Joey is out of RU Sunrise Elhew Kody and Elhew Sunrise Yankee. Champion Sunrise Elhew Catalina is out of Deep Creek Kate and Elhew Royalty. Having these fine Elhew animals to add to our Elhew Gene Pool Gives us a wide variety of crosses.

We have purchased many prime Elhew dogs from other sources. Elhew Gabby was out of National Champion Elhew Snakefoot and National Champion Elhew Dancing Gypsy. We were only able to breed her to Elhew Blue Chip two times. We have two of those puppies that we use in our breeding program today, Sunrise Elhew Jack and Sunrise Elhew Jazz. Both are producing outstanding puppies. 

Elhew Achilles is our most resent acquisition he is out of Elhew Hobo and Elhew Gypsy Rose. He has producing bold and bird finding puppies. They have the Elhew Characteristics without a doubt. Desire, Drive, Intelligence, Endurance, and of course Beauty.

Champion Sunrise Elhew Catalina a fine All Age Champion and RU Champion she is a dream to handle and watch. She seems to read your mind. We will have her at the kennels for breeding in the near future.

Champion Sunrise Elhew Joey is in the words of the reporter in the American Field worked to perfection. He is Producing fine Elhew quality puppies. Joey handle with the style that would be expected from a Elhew Champion. His puppies are snappy and exciting

RU Champion Sunrise Elhew Kody has produced great puppies such as Champion Sunrise Elhew Joey. Kody has the Elhew beauty and class. Covering the ground in the way that makes you sit up in the saddle and enjoy the show.

We hope you enjoy our web site and let us make it possible for you. We only produce a small number of litters. I wish I could keep them all but, letting others enjoy the happiness that we have with them is just as  enjoyable.

We have Puppies  Started and Finished Elhew English Pointer Bird Dogs For Sale from time to time. We Strive to produce the finest Elhew English Pointer Puppies for Hunting Bird Dogs and Field Trial Prospects For Sale.

Please contact us at:

102 S. Kolb

Tucson, Arizona  85710

Office: 520-733-1172 Monday thru Friday

Cell: 520-907-5690

E-mail:  backgreer987@gmail.com




If you love to hunt birds over a fine Elhew English Pointer Bird Dogs, and hunt your dog then your in the right place. Our puppies are socialized by my 5 children. They are exposed to birds Bobwhite Quail, Gambel Quail, Scale Quail, and Pigeon. I do expose them to handle off a horse and quad. I train all of my dogs as if they are heading for the field trial. Hunting over a fine dog, that will satisfy the discriminating Bird Hunter makes your heart go faster. It makes getting up early to go Bird Hunting just that much easier.

We have Puppies, Started and Finished Elhew English Pointer Bird Dogs For Sale from time to time. We Strive to produce the finest Elhew English Pointer Puppies for Hunting Bird Dogs and Field Trial Prospects For Sale.

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          The Joy of Elhew English Pointers

Breeding the Finest Bird Hunting English Pointer Puppies has been a great joy of my life and of my family. The Elhew Pointer gene pool that was developed by Robert Wehle as made the purpose of hunting and field trialing very different. The beauty of watching your dog flow over the hills has added much greater joy for many people. The joy of working, and seeing the dog perform brings great joy. There is a joy that is just as great and that is watching someone else enjoy the pup that you have produced. The Elhew Pointer has brought this and much more to my family.


The purpose of Sunrise Kennels was and is to satisfy my need for great dogs. The Elhew Pointers at Sunrise Kennels has done that. Starting with Katie and Jake to Blue Chip, Mac, Kody, Joey, and Catalina the list goes on. To the newest litters of English Pointer that are the continuation of the Elhew Pointer gene pool. As I talked to Mr. Wehle he described it just like Christmas with every litter.  Unwrapping each litter is like a Christmas present from Mr. Robert Wehle to all of us.

I thank him for the Elhew family of dogs and the joy that so many people derive from these Ultimate hunting Dogs.

We do offer Stud service from our outstanding Elhew English Pointers

J.L. Greer D.C.

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 Here are some of the dogs that are in our gene pool:

Elhew Kennels, Nat. Ch. Elhew Snakefoot, Nat. Ch Elhew Dancing Gypsy, Nat. Ch Dunn’s Fearless Bud, Ch Elhew Blue Chip, Elhew Gabby, Ch Elhew Goldielock, Ch Elhew Skipjack Elhew Sunrise Mac, Elhew Sunrise Katie, Elhew Championship, Coco, Elhew Royalty, Elhew Distinction, Elhew Sea Wolf, Elhew Flyaway, Elhew Achilles, Ch Sunrise Elhew Catalina, Sunrise Elhew Jack, Sunrise Elhew Jazz, Sunrise Elhew Rincon, Ch Sunrise Elhew Joey, RU Ch Sunrise Elhew Kody, Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Kiwi, Elhew,  Elhew Jefferson, Elhew Kelly, Elhew Strike, Elhew Mr. Magoo, Elhew Yellow Rail, Front N Center, Elhew Fibber Mcgee, Elhew Scooter, Elhew Discovery, Ch Guard Rail, Elhew Blue Nose, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Sun Dance, Hook’s Bounty Hunter, Elhew Brass, Elhew Desert Rose,  Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Jube, Elhew Attraction,  Elhew Molley, Elhew Gypsy Lee, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Gimli, Elhew Miss Frisky, We have puppies out of the finest Elhew English Pointer Lines. Most of our Puppies are out of our Elhew English Pointer Champions.  We have started Elhew English Pointer  puppies and from sometimes we have Started Elhew English pointer Puppies. We sometimes have  finished Elhew English Pointer Dogs, German Shorthair, Shorthair, Lab, puppy, Puppies

Some of the states our dog have been in:

New York , NY, California , CA, Oregon , Or, Washington , WA , Idaho , ID, Montana , MT, Utah , UT, Arizona , AZ ,  Nevada , NV , Colorado , CO, Nebraska , NE, South Dakota , SD, North Dakota , ND, Kansas , KS, Iowa , IA,  Texas , TX, Arkansas , AR, Alabama , AL, Mississippi , MS, Georgia , GA, Connecticut , CT, Florida , FL, Illinois , IL, Kentucky , KY, Louisiana , LA, Massachusetts , MA, Minnesota  , MN, Missouri , MO, New Hampshire , NH, New Mexico , NM, North Carolina , NC, Ohio , OH, Oklahoma , OK, Pennsylvania , PA, South Carolina , SC, Tennessee , TN, Vermont , VT, Virginia , VA, Wisconsin , WI, Wyoming , WY,

Birds our dogs have hunted:  Quail Gambles, Quail Mearns, Quail Scale, Quail Bobwhite, Pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, Duck, Geese, Prairie Chicken, Sage Hen, Dove,  Ruff Grouse, Blue Grouse, Woodcock,

Some activities our dogs have participated in:

Shoot to Championship,, American Kennel Club trials, American Field Trial, Horseback Field Trial, National Chukar Championship, Bill West Derby Classic, Setter Spring All Age Derby, Arizona Pointing Dog Club, Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Region 12, Region 12 open shooting Dog Championship, California Shooting Dog Championship, Region 12 Open All Age Championship, California Quail Championship, Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, National Chukar Open All- Age Championship, National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog, Pacific Coast Field Trial Club, Open All Age Championship, Open Shooting Dog Championship, Amateur All Age Championship, All Age Derby, National Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, Antelope Valley Bird Dog Club, Amateur Derby, Open All Age Stakes,