Breeder of Elhew English Pointer and                      
Studs Service
Elhew Pointer Champion Sires

        Elhew Jefferson

Elhew Blue Chip: Deceased

        Elhew BV.

Elhew Pointer Champion Sires

        Elhew Hobo

Elhew Achilles: Deceased

        Elhew Gypsy Rose

        Elhew Achilles

Sunrise Elhew Lucky: Deceased

        Sunrise Elhew Jazz

Elhew Pointer Champion Sires

        Ch. Elhew Blue Chip

Sunrise Elhew Jack: Deceased

        Elhew Gabby

Elhew Pointer Champion Sires

          RU. Ch. Sunrise Elhew Kody

Ch. Sunrise Elhew Joey: Deceased

          Elhew Sunrise Yankee

            Elhew Distinction

RU Ch. Sunrise Elhew Kody: Deceased

            Elhew Coco

Elhew Pointer Champion Sires

        Elhew Royalty

Sunrise Elhew Rincon: Deceased

        Deep Creek Kate

Elhew Pointer Champion Sires

        Sunrise Elhew Duke

Sunrise Elhew Shadow                  Deceased

                               Sunrise Elhew Melony



                  Elhew Achilles

Sunrise Elhew Duke: Deceased

           Sunrise Elhew Jazz


                           CH Front N’ Center

Sunrise Elhew Cinnamon: Deceased

                           CH Sunrise Elhew Catalina



CH Front N’ Center: Deceased



                                           Ch. Front n Center

    Sunrise Elhew Wishbone: Deceased

          Sunrise Elhew Jazz


                               Sunrise Elhew Wishbone

Sunrise Elhew Dimple:: Deceased

                                Ch Sunrise Elhew Catalina

                               Sunrise Elhew Shadow

Sunrise Elhew Boss            

                               Sunrise Elhew Jen


Sunrise Elhew Remus

Sunrise Elhew Jack X Sunrise Elhew Rita


                            Sunrise Elhew Jack

Sunrise Elhew Larry

                             Sunrise Elhew Zoie


                              CH Sunrise Elhew Joey

Sunrise Elhew Bruno                    

                               Sunrise Elhew Milkshake

Sunrise Elhew Remus

Sunrise Elhew Bill

Sunrise Elhew Santa Rita

        CH Sunrise Elhew Joey

Sunrise Elhew Grumpy               

                               Sunrise Elhew Milkshake

Sunrise Elhew Shadow

Sunrise Elhew Patriot                                                                

Sunrise Elhew Crystal

Sunrise Elhew Grumpy

Sunrise Elhew Marlow                                                        

Sunrise Elhew Madison

                                  Ch. Sunrise Elhew Joey

Sunrise Elhew Grumpy

                                    Sunrise Elhew Milkshack

When you are looking for a Elhew Pointer or Bird, Hunting dog there are a few things to look at. The pedigree of both parents does the totem have the traits that your looking for in every generation. The planning that is used concerning the intelligence, disposition, confirmation, general appearance of the parents. The balance of the dog, the carriage with a high head and tail. The smoothness of the gait.

There are always some benefits and loses within every breeding of the breeding of the Elhew Pointers at Sunrise Kennels in Arizona. The size, markings, head confirmation, and any other aesthetic trait.

Mr. Wehle felt that Snakefoot was very close to that perfect one. As I only saw Snakefoot in his later years he was still a great all around dog.

The future of the Elhew Pointer line of English Pointer will depend on the quality of all breeding programs. Staying within our gene pool and working together to maintain this great legacy we have to share.

We Strive to produce the finest Elhew English Pointer Puppies for Hunting Bird Dogs and Field Trial Prospects For Sale. We offer Stud Service to a limited number each year.

We have Puppies, Started and Finished Elhew English Pointer Bird Dogs For Sale from time to time.



Here are some of the dogs that are in our gene pool:

Elhew Kennels, Nat. Ch. Elhew Snakeffot, Nat. Ch Elhew Dancing Gypsy, Nat. Ch Dunn’s Fearless Bud, Ch Elhew Blue Chip, Elhew Gabby, Ch Elhew Goldielock, Ch Elhew Skipjack Elhew Sunrise Mac, Elhew Sunrise Katie, Elhew Championship, Coco, Elhew Royalty, Elhew Distinction, Elhew Sea Wolf, Elhew Flyaway, Elhew Achilles, Ch Sunrise Elhew Catalina, Sunrise Elhew Jack, Sunrise Elhew Jazz, Sunrise Elhew Rincon, Ch Sunrise Elhew Joey, RU Ch Sunrise Elhew Kody, Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Kiwi, Elhew,  Elhew Jefferson, Elhew Kelly, Elhew Strike, Elhew Mr. Magoo, Elhew Yellow Rail, Front N Center, Elhew Fibber Mcgee, Elhew Scooter, Elhew Discovery, Ch Guard Rail, Elhew Blue Nose, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Sun Dance, Hook’s Bounty Hunter, Elhew Brass, Elhew Desert Rose,  Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Jube, Elhew Attraction,  Elhew Molley, Elhew Gypsy Lee, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Gimli, Elhew Miss Frisky, We have started Elhew English Pointer  puppies and from sometimes we have Started Elhew English pointer Puppies. We sometimes have  finished Elhew English Pointer Dogs

Some of the states our dog have been in:

New York, NY, California, CA, Oregon, Or, Washington, WA , Idaho, ID, Montana, MT, Utah, UT, Arizona, AZ ,  Nevada, NV , Colorado, CO, Nebraska, NE, South Dakota, SD, North Dakota, ND, Kansas, KS, Iowa, IA,  Texas, TX, Arkansas, AR, Alabama, AL, Mississippi, MS, Georgia, GA, Connecticut, CT, Florida, FL, Illinois, IL, Kentucky, KY, Louisiana, LA, Massachusetts, MA, Minnesota, MN, Missouri, MO, New Hampshire, NH, New Mexico, NM, North Carolina, NC, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Pennsylvania, PA, South Carolina, SC, Tennessee, TN, Vermont, VT, Virginia, VA, Wisconsin, WI, Wyoming, WY,

Birds our dogs have hunted:  Quail Gambles, Quail Mearns, Quail Scale, Quail Bobwhite, Pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, Duck, Geese, Prairie Chicken, Sage Hen, Dove,  Ruff Grouse, Blue Grouse, Woodcock,

Some activities our dogs have participated in:

Shoot to Championship,, American Kennel Club trials, American Field Trial, Horseback Field Trial, National Chukar Championship, Bill West Derby Classic, Setter Spring All Age Derby, Arizona Pointing Dog Club, Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Region 12, Region 12 open shooting Dog Championship, California Shooting Dog Championship, Region 12 Open All Age Championship, California Quail Championship, Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, National Chukar Open All- Age Championship, National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog, Pacific Coast Field Trial Club, Open All Age Championship, Open Shooting Dog Championship, Amateur All Age Championship, All Age Derby, National Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, Antelope Valley Bird Dog Club, Amateur Derby, Open All Age Stakes,      


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