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Elhew Champion Pointer Champion Breed dogs For SaleElhew Champion Pointer Champion Breed dogs For Sale

Letting the pups and dogs that you work with is not a easy task. Sometimes we keep many or all of a litter to evaluate our breeding program. It does present some challenge’s but many joyous times. With these thoughts know that each of these does have been part of our family and have been handled and loved by myself and 6 children. Seeing there personalities develop is as Mr. Bob Wehle said “ it’s like Christmas unwrapping a present”.

We Strive to produce the finest Elhew English Pointer Puppies for Hunting Bird Dogs and Field Trial Prospects For Sale.

    Started Dog’s

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The Started dogs below are priced to Go $850-$1700.00

We have some great dogs at this time. They were born 2016-2017

Pricing depends on training. More Videos to Come. Please call for more Information

Dog 1 

Dog 2 

Dog 3 

Dog 4 

Dog 5 

Dog 6      Sold

Dog 7 

Dog 8

Female B

Female 1 B   Melonie  X  Wishbone


General Characteristics

    Probably the outstanding characteristic of Elhew English Pointers is their early development and the ease with which they train. It is not unusual for Elhew English Pointers to be comfortable shooting dogs at the seven and eight months of age, and completely finished on the game at eighteen months of age. Their disposition is such that they want to please and require very little discipline. Elhew English pointers are natural shooting dogs and seem to train themselves if given hunting experience.

    As  evidence of their early maturity, Elhew Marksman won the National Amatuer Pheasant Championship at thirty-two months of age; Elhew jungle won  the National Open Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship at thirty-one months; Sunrise Elhew Catalina won runner up and a Championship before the age of three.


  • We have Puppies, Started and Finished Elhew English Pointer Hunting Bird Dogs For Sale from time to time.
  • We Strive to produce the finest Elhew English Pointer Puppies for Hunting Bird Dogs and Field Trial Prospects For Sale.

Here are some of the dogs that are in our gene pool:

Elhew Kennels, Nat. Ch. Elhew Snakefoot, Nat. Ch Elhew Dancing Gypsy, Nat. Ch Dunn’s Fearless Bud, Ch Elhew Blue Chip, Elhew Gabby, Ch Elhew Goldielock, Ch Elhew Skipjack Elhew Sunrise Mac, Elhew Sunrise Katie, Elhew Championship, Coco, Elhew Royalty, Elhew Distinction, Elhew Sea Wolf, Elhew Flyaway, Elhew Achilles, Ch Sunrise Elhew Catalina, Sunrise Elhew Jack, Sunrise Elhew Jazz, Sunrise Elhew Rincon, Ch Sunrise Elhew Joey, RU Ch Sunrise Elhew Kody, Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Kiwi, Elhew,  Elhew Jefferson, Elhew Kelly, Elhew Strike, Elhew Mr. Magoo, Elhew Yellow Rail, Front N Center, Elhew Fibber Mcgee, Elhew Scooter, Elhew Discovery, Ch Guard Rail, Elhew Blue Nose, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Sun Dance, German Shorthair, Hook’s Bounty Hunter, Elhew Brass, Elhew Desert Rose,  Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Jube, Elhew Attraction,  Elhew Molley, Elhew Gypsy Lee, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Gimli, Elhew Miss Frisky, We have started Elhew English Pointer  puppies and from sometimes we have Started Elhew English pointer Puppies. We sometimes have  finished Elhew English Pointer Dogs

Some of the states our dog have been in:

New York, NY, California, CA, Oregon, Or, Washington, WA , Idaho, ID, Montana, MT, Utah, UT, Arizona, AZ ,  Nevada, NV , Colorado, CO, Nebraska, NE, South Dakota, SD, North Dakota, ND, Kansas, KS, Iowa, IA,  Texas, TX, Arkansas, AR, Alabama, AL, Mississippi, MS, Georgia, GA, Connecticut, CT, Florida, FL, Illinois, IL, Kentucky, KY, Louisiana, LA, Massachusetts, MA, Minnesota, MN, Missouri, MO, New Hampshire, NH, New Mexico, NM, North Carolina, NC, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Pennsylvania, PA, South Carolina, SC, Tennessee, TN, Vermont, VT, Virginia, VA, Wisconsin, WI, Wyoming, WY,

Birds our dogs have hunted:  Quail Gambles, Quail Mearns, Quail Scale, Quail Bobwhite, Pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, Duck, Geese, Prairie Chicken, Sage Hen, Dove,  Ruff Grouse, Blue Grouse, Woodcock,

Some activities our dogs have participated in:

Shoot to Championship,, American Kennel Club trials, American Field Trial, Horseback Field Trial, National Chuchar Championship, Bill West Derby Classic, Setter Spring All Age Derby, Arizona Pointing Dog Club, Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Region 12, Region 12 open shooting Dog Championship, California Shooting Dog Championship, Region 12 Open All Age Championship, California Quail Championship, Amatuer Field Trial Clubs of America, National Chuchar Open All- Age Championship, National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog, Pacific Coast Field Trial Club, Open All Age Championship, Open Shooting Dog Championship, Amatuer All Age Championship, All Age Derby, National Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Amatuer Shooting Dog Championship, Antelope Valley Bird Dog Club, Amatuer Derby, Open All Age Stakes,