Elhew Pointers

Sunrise Kennels was developed to produce, maintain, and improve the Elhew English Pointers gene pool. Mr. Robert Wehle and others have been  kind to allow us to purchase and breed to some fine Elhew Bird Dogs and Puppies that have allowed us to have one of the finest Elhew gene pool tin the country. We have purchased Ch Elhew Blue Chip, Elhew Sunrise Yankee, Elhew Gabby, Elhew Sunrise Jake, Elhew Sunrise Katie, Elhew Achilles, Sunrise Elhew Tess, RU Ch Sunrise Elhew Kody, and other great producers of Elhew English Pointer Puppies.

We have line breed our Elhew English pointers with the fine Elhew English Pointers champions and other Elhew pointer Champions from out side of Sunrise Kennel. We have tried to collect the widest variety of the Elhew gene pool as possible. When there is a great Elhew dog we evaluate the animal and if there maintain the Elhew qualities we see where they can add to our vigor, desire, quickness. style, toughness, and beauty.

We hope to be able to perpetuate the Elhew gene pool for the hunters of today and tomorrow. As we work at this we have and will continue to produce the Elhew English Pointer for the discriminating  Sportsman, Field Trial, and Hunter throughout the United States.


  • We have Puppies, Started and Finished Elhew English Pointer Bird Dogs For Sale from time to time.
  • We Strive to produce the finest Elhew English Pointer Puppies for Hunting Bird Dogs and Field Trial Prospects For Sale...

The Origin

The original brood matron used was Jem of Fearn, who was imported from the grouse moors of Scotland in 1936. She was bred to Frank of Sunnylawn. who was one of the all time great shooting dogs. He was not a wide ranging dog, bird sense and great determination to find game. Both Jem of Fearn and Frank of Sunnylawn were outstanding physical specimens and both had won in conformation competition. This bloodline was then crossed with Lexington Jake, that great sire from New England. It is difficult to rate bird dog sires because so much depends on the quality of the matrons to whom they were bred.

Much also depends upon how much promotion the sire receives. In the case of Lexington Jake, we believe he was one of the great sires of the breed, considering the limited opportunities he had when compared with many other well known sires. We have proven his pre potency, all of the Elhew National Champions trace many times to him. He was used many time directly until his death and then his bloodline was preserved by using his outstanding sons and daughters. Of course. other blood was introduced from time to time, principally from Air Pilot. In other words Lexiton Jake and Air Pilot can be considered the fountainheads of Elhew English pointer strain. Volumes have been written about these sires, so it suffices to say that they are two of the great sires of the breed.

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Inheritance Reassessed

A story told by Mr. Robert Welhe told about one of our foundation matrons, Elhew Gabby. Gabby’s mother National Champion Elhew Dancing Gypsy was on of the lead dogs with Elhew Mr. McGoo on the exercise sled team. In the course of the workout, when the team stops, it is always customary for Gypsy to rest her front legs over the back of Mr. Mcgoo. He never seems to mind her doing this and they both appear to be very comfortable in the process. After a rest and watering period, they start out again at the blast of a pea whistle, Gypsy resumes her running position and she and Mr. Mcgoo lead the team on.

    When Gypsy was taken off the lead, because of pregnancy, they replaced Gypsy at right lead with Gabby, one of Gypsy’s daughters. She was an immediate success and loved every minute of her new responsibilities. Our first stop on a normal run is the picnic area she put her  front legs on Mr. Mcgoo’s back in the identical manner Gypsy did.

    With thousand pointers being harnessed and never was seen but these two dogs behave in this manner, not had Gabby and Gypsy ever been in the same team together to see each other’s unique behavior pattern.

    This a small thing, it it does show the ramifications of this phenomena applied the entire breeding syndrome. If this circumstance is true, then everything a dog does is genetically influenced. 

    This shows how much Mr. Wehle thought things through and the end result is the wonderful dogs that we enjoy today.


Here are some of the dogs that are in our gene pool:

Elhew Kennels, Nat. Ch. Elhew Snakeffot, Nat. Ch Elhew Dancing Gypsy, Nat. Ch Dunn’s Fearless Bud, Ch Elhew Blue Chip, Elhew Gabby, Ch Elhew Goldielock, Ch Elhew Skipjack Elhew Sunrise Mac, Elhew Sunrise Katie, Elhew Championship, Coco, Elhew Royalty, Elhew Distinction, Elhew Sea Wolf, Elhew Flyaway, Elhew Achilles, Ch Sunrise Elhew Catalina, Sunrise Elhew Jack, Sunrise Elhew Jazz, Sunrise Elhew Rincon, Ch Sunrise Elhew Joey, RU Ch Sunrise Elhew Kody, Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Kiwi, Elhew,  Elhew Jefferson, Elhew Kelly, Elhew Strike, Elhew Mr. Magoo, Elhew Yellow Rail, Front N Center, Elhew Fibber Mcgee, Elhew Scooter, Elhew Discovery, Ch Guard Rail, Elhew Blue Nose, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Sun Dance, Hook’s Bounty Hunter, Elhew Brass, Elhew Desert Rose,  Elhew Gypsy Rose, Elhew Jube, Elhew Attraction,  Elhew Molley, Elhew Gypsy Lee, Elhew Calamity Ann, Elhew Gimli, Elhew Miss Frisky, We have started Elhew English Pointer  puppies and from sometimes we have Started Elhew English pointer Puppies. We sometimes have  finished Elhew English Pointer Dogs

Some of the states our dog have been in:

New York, NY, California, CA, Oregon, Or, Washington, WA , Idaho, ID, Montana, MT, Utah, UT, Arizona, AZ ,  Nevada, NV , Colorado, CO, Nebraska, NE, South Dakota, SD, North Dakota, ND, Kansas, KS, Iowa, IA,  Texas, TX, Arkansas, AR, Alabama, AL, Mississippi, MS, Georgia, GA, Connecticut, CT, Florida, FL, Illinois, IL, Kentucky, KY, Louisiana, LA, Massachusetts, MA, Minnesota, MN, Missouri, MO, New Hampshire, NH, New Mexico, NM, North Carolina, NC, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Pennsylvania, PA, South Carolina, SC, Tennessee, TN, Vermont, VT, Virginia, VA, Wisconsin, WI, Wyoming, WY,

Birds our dogs have hunted:  Quail Gambles, Quail Mearns, Quail Scale, Quail Bobwhite, Pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, Duck, Geese, Prairie Chicken, Sage Hen, Dove,  Ruff Grouse, Blue Grouse, Woodcock,

Some activities our dogs have participated in:

Shoot to Championship,, American Kennel Club trials, American Field Trial, Horseback Field Trial, National Chuchar Championship, Bill West Derby Classic, Setter Spring All Age Derby, Arizona Pointing Dog Club, Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Region 12, Region 12 open shooting Dog Championship, California Shooting Dog Championship, Region 12 Open All Age Championship, California Quail Championship, Amatuer Field Trial Clubs of America, National Chuchar Open All- Age Championship, National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog, Pacific Coast Field Trial Club, Open All Age Championship, Open Shooting Dog Championship, Amatuer All Age Championship, All Age Derby, National Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Amatuer Shooting Dog Championship, Antelope Valley Bird Dog Club, Amatuer Derby, Open All Age Stakes,